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Days turn to weeks and weeks to months, being busy with our routine. But seldom do we take some time off for uplifting ourselves. But I came across this amazing transformation course And there’s so much I'm taking home with. I would like to take a moment to truly thank Harpal and his team for designing and bringing forward this course. Little tasks daily that do not take much of your time but leave a profound impact on you was a treasure for me. It made me realize that it is that little effort you put in every day that takes you a long way. It helped me polish every aspect of my life- be it a five year plan, speaking skills , self introspection or just making new connections, with every task , I unknowingly was working on parts of myself, something I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Cheers to the team and all the love and support to you guys on your journey of bringing change, both within and around you!

Hiral Joshi Business Development Executive | Founder of Ojoh

I joined an exciting program for 21 days. It actually takes you 21 days to form any habit 🙂 so if you're persistent to keep your streak for 21 days BOOM congrats, it's now part of your lifestyle. I have learned the importance of communication and investing in yourself. Say less, express more. Even if it's uncomfortable and uneasy, it will do you no good to hold everything in. I am thankful to all the members who are with me on the TEC journey for bringing out the best in me.

Nishtha Srivastava Research Scholar At SVNIT | Professor

It's totally about self awareness, also I learnt a new technique in which I completed my exam preparation without any interruption. There are groups too, so we can communicate with each other, we can share our idea, what are the pending tasks of mine and from how much time, it is pending, what are my priorities, on which I have to look upon, all so many things I learnt. What I did in my last 21 days, what is my daily routine and how can I modify it, so I can make myself even better. I am having a great platform and good surroundings here to whom I can communicate and with team I can achieve success easily and in a goal oriented way. These all tasks have added lot of values in my life. Thank you and best wishes!

Namita Shah QA Executive

Few days ago I was trying to figure out some problems related to career, and personal growth. And there I got to know about one program named "The Execution Track" 21 days self-development journey towards meaningful life. Task are Amazingly✨ designed that helped me figured out so many questions regarding career goals. It's like playing game with your self, challenging your self to become the best version of your self. I'm thanking the team of the program and the mentor Mr. Harpal Vaghela who conducted the program and, designed this so beautifully. I enjoyed the 21 days journey. 🥳🥳

Amisha More Digital Marketer | Designer

We all realized a lot during the time of covide-19. At the same time, I understood the importance of mental health and self-discipline. Along with career, personal growth is also very important. According to me, when there is personal growth, then only we grow in career and personal relations. That's why I joined The Executive Track Program So, that I can do better and feel more positive in my life. The last 21 days were very good for me, task after the task was designed in such a way that I could see my life from new angles as well. I felt more productive and self-aware after this program. And, I noticed my focus also improved and I am more clear regarding my goal and working manner. I am very thankful to Harpal bhai who helped me a lot during this course. I feel more peoples need to join this course for self-betterment.

Mayuri Thakor SEO Executive

My experience of the execution track group was awesome. In that days every day is like a new journey. Each and every task taught me many things for that I am extremely grateful. Thanks to Harpal and Ayushi for designing this wonderful program that helped me a lot.

Naisargi Trivedi Computer Engineer

The journey of The Execution Track was just amazing! It helped me remove procrastination, increase my confidence and network with a lot of knowledgeable people. The Execution Track is filled with learning and surprises. The tasks are very interesting to do and will keep you motivated. Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for positive transformation in life.

Vishakha Laumas App Developer, Freelance Content Writer

The time of the execution track was incredible for me not just I became punctual but also made a lot of friends , increasing my confidence as well. This program has some interesting tasks which can be surprising and exciting to perform and build a new level of positivity inside you. I would recommend this journey for people who want to develop self confidence and be more positive.

Aanal Patel Computer Engineer

The most wonderful journey that I enjoyed is "The Execution Track". It helped me a lot in the form of changing myself and developing my skills. I also meet Amazing Executors and we share lots of experience, knowledge and many interesting talks.

Karan Sheth Computer Engineer, Businessman, Freelancer, YouTuber, Stock Market Investor

My experience with The Execution Track was fabulous. All the tasks were well created by Harpal & Ayushi. The journey was full of surprises. I got the opportunity to interact with like minded people. Each of the tasks are interactive, that keeps you engaged with yourself. You will get the clear meaning of your life and your goals. Currently if you are seeking positively in the sense of good habits and productivity then this track is for you. I personally suggest you all who are reading this to get enrolled in this therapeutic journey. You will get to know what I mean. Thanks!

Janki Panchal Computer Engineer, Data Scientist

The journey of the Execution Track was just amazing! It helped me to improve my communication skills and personality development. It also helped me to remove procrastination and boost my confidence in public speaking. Moreover I have gained new knowledge and a great network by being surrounded by such knowledgeable people. The Execution Track is filled with learning and surprises. The tasks are very interesting to do and will keep you always motivated.

Harsh Parmar Android & ios Developer

Execution track was the great journey for self transformation and self development.All the tasks were wonderful and interesting. I have learnt a lot from this journey that I have never before.I learned time management skill, communication skill, fear of speaking in front of camera and the best thing is I have learnt about the 6 am mediation club and that I started and It was the best. Really in this journey I did the things from out of my comfort zone which I never did and at last I would like to say thank you so very much to Harpal Vaghela 🙂

Vipul Chauhan Mechanical Engineer

The Execution track journey is a really wonderful opportunity that empowers, encourages me a lot with all over productivity for more focused outcome.During and after this journey I got a lot of positive outcomes in all areas like Financial as well as growth of business and it has continued till date. I get more clarity and more confidence through this.

Mr. Apurv Raval Professor, Financial Advisor, Senior B.D.E

The journey of the execution track helped me alot. It helps me to remove shyness and teaches me that we all are different, we should be proud to be different from others and never feel ashamed to show what we really are. Its changes my thinking and point of view. And now I'm not afraid of putting myself in a vulnerable state and it makes me a strong person 🙂

Divyani Mistry Computer Engineer | SEO Executive

The path of the Execution track was the best I have ever walked on. It developed self discipline in me, my confidence, my speaking skills and much more. The different tasks developed overall personality. The group of people with similar thinking is a boon which you will find here. Anyone who wants more out of them can join this.

Maharshi Shukla Computer Engineer

The 21 days journey was amazing. I learnt a lot from it & reinvent myself at some points. Now I prioritize my task more effectively & improve my reading habit. In short I learnt what is important & what should I do for it with available resources.

Nishad Joshi Mechanical Engineer, Robotics Enthusiastic

When I started the execution track, it felt like: Ok, I have to do some tasks and like a workshop. But when one by one I completed my tasks, it grabbed my attention. And from every task, I could learn something new and didn't know when the journey of 21 days finished. This journey of playing with the tasks taught me a lot and I got some positive changes too. And the co-members are so friendly that they are ready to help at any time. I am very happy with my decision of being on this journey.

Mahima Choure 12th std student, Running her own small business

My experience with execution track was fabulous, with my daily schedule and things I easily manage to complete at least 1 task a day. Everytime we just keep postponing our things, but here in 21days challenge I learn to act on my pending task. If I talk about the members of the execution track, they are so friendly and supportive. they keep motivating us to complete our tasks. Thanks to Harpal specially for taking me in the 21days challenge. This helped me to understand myself better.

Mr. Manoj Jain MBA-HR, Founder of Change Vadodara Camp (NGO)

Recently I have completed a 21 days program on self improvement from "The executors Club". It really helped me to boost my daily productivity. I would recommend you all to join this program.

Manthan Pithadia Android Developer, Graphic Designer

Happy to announce that I have just completed my 21 days journey of The Executor's Track. It was a great learning experience. It helped me in removing procrastination and execution of my tasks on time.It helped me in upgrading in technology as well. Thank you Harpal for the wonderful opportunity to grow and learn.

Seema Laumas Tutor, English proficient and always a learner

Recently I've been into a club created by Harpalsinh Vaghela named as The Executors' club. The whole 21 days of the program has been structured in a very specific manner that a person can easily avoid procrastinating. The most fun part is that a person doesn't even have to put hard efforts, I mean it becomes so easy to be more productive. Really appreciate the efforts and people behind this club.

Konark Dave Web Developer

21 days ago, I joined a program called, The ExecutionTrack. All the participants were given tasks for these 21 days. Each task was unique and helped to boost more confidence in myself. I am really glad that I connected to TEC. It helped me to increase positivity all around and all the other participants shared their experience, knowledge, even problems, and their solutions, how to overcome them. Thank you TEC.

Bhakti Patel Associate Dentist at My Dent Dental Clinic

The journey of the execution track for 21 days was very useful. It helped me to boost my self-confidence and taught me how to motivate over self. It was simple and fun but had a great impact on my life. Thanks to the team and my fellow members.

Harshal Boradia Student at Charotar University

The execution track was a great journey for self-transformation & self-development. all the tasks are very interesting. I learn so many things. I learn how to set goals and create a path for achieving those goals, then how to be consistent, time management skills, and network with the best executors. From this journey I learned a lot of things, a really great experience with The Executors Club. Thank You Harpal Vaghela.

Abhishek Makam Market Research Analyst

Exactly 21 days ago, I joined the TEC- The Executive Club. In this club, you got a very interesting and challenging task for 21 days. All tasks or activities bring excitement and demand a different version of yourself. It helps me to boost my confidence, reform my public speaking, managing my time in better ways, and build the executive's strong network. I am so thankful to all the members who are with me on TEC-journey, And also for sharing your knowledge, experience, and skills. Thanks a lot, TEC. Keep Going.

Bhavin Vaghani Assistant Manager at Atul Ltd

I learned many things from some of the tasks; My Self-confidence, self-discipline increased, which removed negativity from me. We meet great people and also share each-others knowledge, Experience & Skills. Thank you to Harpal Brother and The Executors Club.

Bhatt Krishna Business Owner I E-Book Publisher I Content Creator

A journey of the execution track for 21 days was very important and useful to change my life, it helps me to boost my confidence, it gives me the importance of time it was simply a fun exercise which is creating me to a good human so meanwhile thanks for helping me a lot and improving me to my team members I'm grateful to all group members Thanks a lot. Hare Krishna.

Jay Rami Computer Engineer

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    Here’s How this Program Will GO!!

    Daily Task

    You’ll get a daily task for these 21 days, focusing on overcoming procrastination, building confidence, self awareness, increasing productivity…..


    You’ll report all tasks inside the WhatsApp group before the given deadline. That’s where we check and monitor your growth for the next 21 days.


    The founder of the club and other main team members will review your tasks and guide you to improve further.


    We will have a total 3 zoom meetings & 1 webinar in the coming 21 days, which will help you in connecting, learning & networking with other participants and with our club members.

    Each task in this program is specially designed for all students, hustlers, entrepreneurs, even for a normal human being, but are for those who are willing to overcome procrastination, build Self- Confidence, Increase productivity, be consistent and more dedicated to their goals with a growth mindset.

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    Why Should You Join This Program

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    About the Trainer

    Hi, I’m Harpal Vaghela, I’m a Software & Android App Developer, Trainer, and Certified NLP Practitioner & currently managing “The Executors’ Club” apart from a full-time job.

    My main motive is to encourage, educate, motivate & inspire millions of people.
    I had taken an initiative in December 2020 and started “𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐱𝐞𝐜𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬’ 𝐂𝐥𝐮𝐛”. Its mission is to be a support system to every member out there, where they can brainstorm, grow, step out of their comfort zone, share and learn without the fear of being judged.

    I strongly believe in giving back to society and elevating everyone around me.
    Conducted workshops on Android, IoT, Basics of Robotics,  Campus to Corporate, Self-Confidence at various colleges such as Parul University, KJIT, VIER, MSU. To know more about me visit:

    So, what are you waiting for!? Join this program NOW! See you inside this awesome journey!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Register Yourself Now, our team will contact you soon.

    We will give you 24 hours to submit your tasks. (Time may change according to task, but there would be enough time for you to complete before the deadline.)

    As mentioned above. Every day you will get a new task, which needs your 15-20 minute maximum to complete it. However you can approach Admin, if you want more hours to complete. We would recommend that you try to submit tasks on time, so there will be more fun, excitement and lots of more learning.

    No, there will be no certificate for this program. However we are 100 percent sure that you'll get much practical value through this 21 days program. Mark my words, and thank me later 🙂

    Please write to: or on our Instagram handle and our awesome support team will get back to you within 8-10 hours.

    We can not reveal the tasks. But all I can say is, those tasks are specifically designed to increase your productivity, maintain consistency, build confidence, and overcome procrastination.

    No, you can continue your daily work along with the tasks

    There are some set of protocols inside the program. If you break any of that, you will be removed from the group.

    No, anyone who wants to be more productive, build confidence and overcome procrastination can join the program. Or those who have that hunger for doing something new, exploring and want to come out of their comfort zone can join this.

    This program is action oriented and all the tasks given will help you achieve productivity in your routine. You will overcome your procrastination in these 21 days. And this is not any magic trick 🙂

    According to research, it takes 21 days to fully form a new habit, as 21 days is the time required for new neuropathways to be fully formed in your brain.

    Still Not Convinced?

    Go to this link and watch any of the videos. Go to my Facebook page or Instagram page of The Executors’ Club and check out reviews of previous batches. ‍Go to my Instagram account and check my highlight of ” The Execution Track ” I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting value from me and from this 21 days transformational journey. 🙂
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    P.S: This is the last call to action. Register yourself Now & Let your performance do the thinking. Otherwise, wait for 2 months for the next batch! See you inside the program 🙂

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